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Bleu Vert Compound ,New Capital

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Bleu Vert Compound ,New Capital
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15% down payment- installments over 8 years
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Bleu Vert Compound New Capital is one of the high-end residential projects undertaken by the Saudi Egyptian Company. Bleu Vert Compound is distinguished by its enormous urban designs, which played a role in attracting a large customer base to this project. It is worth noting that most of those who purchased Units in this compound were due to the distinctive and unique design.

The company developing the project chose the distinctive strategic location, which facilitates movement to and from the compound in an easy manner, and provided within it all the services that the customer or investor might even need, that is, it made it integrated in terms of what customers need.

The Blue Vert New Capital Compound is also famous for its competitive prices, which are very suitable for the services provided in it, so we decided through our website to display all the details that you may need to know about this project.

If you are looking for villas for sale in New Capital, Blue Vert New Capital will be your ideal choice

Location of Blue Vert Compound, New Capital

Bleu Vert New Capital Compound has been famous for its distinctive location that was carefully and carefully chosen, which made it one of the high-end projects that has won the admiration of many clients and investors.

Relying on the appropriate location, the company responsible for constructing the project was able to fulfill every client’s desire to own the unit that was characterized by an upscale and lively location, as it was constructed in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the R7 area with E8, where the project is located on the southern Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

Because the project is located in this special place, the company developing it was able to make it a distinguished location in terms of its proximity to many important places, which were distinguished by their development and are among the vital places located next to it, which may be distinctive landmarks in New Capital.

In the Blue Vert New Capital Compound, you will notice that everything you want to go to is located very far from you, because the project is being built near the most important axes and places in New Capital, including:

The Blue vert  Compound in New Capital is located very close to the Al Masa Hotel, which is one of the most important and upscale hotels in the capital.
Bleu Vert New Capital is located near the Green River, which is one of the most distinctive rivers in New Capital.
You can go to the Embassy District from Bleu Vert New Capital easily and conveniently, as it is located very close to it.
There are some important, upscale and distinctive compounds located near it, including Stella Park Compound.
Bleu Vert New Capital is located very close to the government district.
Very close to the exhibition city and Talaat Harb land.
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Space and design of Blue vert Compound, New Capital

In the reconstruction and construction of Blue vert Compound, New Capital, the Saudi Egyptian Company relied on many important standards, through which it deliberately sought to attract the largest number of customers.

It prepared the Blue vert Compound project in New Capital on a large area of ​​up to 70 acres, and in that area there are all the services that you may need, as well as types of units that range from apartments to villas.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in New Capital, small or large, you can get them with ease because you will find different types of units with multiple sizes available in the compound.

The Blue Vert New Capital Compound was designed in an elegant, unique and attractive way, relying on a unique modern style that made it achieve a high sales rate.

In the Blue Vert Compound, New Capital, they relied on green spaces and artificial lakes, as well as recreational areas, which made it stunning views and a distinctive view, which is present in all the buildings available in it.

Spaces of Blue Vert Compound, New Capital

There are many spaces within Bleu Vert New Capital, which differed according to the types of units, as well as according to the number of rooms. The company was able to divide the space internally in a distinctive way, as up to 60 residential buildings were available.

As for the compound, it completely included 1,840 residential units of various shapes, designs, and types, and they were constructed in 3 phases. Below we show you a list of those available spaces:

Residential apartments starting from 93 meters
Villas start from 247 meters

The villas with large areas in Bleu Vert New Capital had the largest share of buildings, as the number of villas in the entire project reached 100 villas, which allows you to choose any of the units you need according to your desire.

Prices of Bluefair Compound, New Capital

The Saudi Egyptian Development Company is always keen to provide competitive prices in the projects it offers to its residents, and it is worth noting that these prices actually play a role in attracting the largest number of customers.

It provided many buildings in a number of huge projects at fantastic prices, and it was a surprise to many customers in exchange for the distinguished services provided by the company, so here is the list of prices available in the Blue Vert Compound in New Capital:

Residential apartments starting from 6,136,000
Villas and twin houses start from 22,777,000

payment plans Bleu Vert New Capital 

The company responsible for constructing the project has introduced some payment and installment plans that have made it easy for anyone looking for villas for sale in New Capital to own the unit they dream of.

15% down payment and installments over 8 years

Saudi Egyptian Construction Company

The Saudi Egyptian Real Estate Development Company is one of the best existing development companies linking Egypt and Saudi Arabia in this field, due to its experience dating back a long time since it was established in 1975 AD.

Since that time, the company has adhered to some important standards that helped it reach the high-level status it wished to reach, because since its founding, it has relied on developed methods in the field of construction and construction, and expert architects. Therefore, it has become famous for its high-level work and wonderful designs that are not... Unparalleled.

The Saudi Egyptian Construction Company is one of the companies that was supported between the Egyptian government and the Saudi government in the field of reconstruction and construction, and it became famous in many real estate projects and other projects.

The previous works of the Blue Vert Compound project in the New Capital testify to the great history of that company in this field, which is what made those searching for apartments for sale in the New Capital turn to any of its distinctive projects, such as the Blue Vert Compound in the New Capital.

Saudi Egyptian Development Company 

The Saudi Egyptian Company has many projects that differ from the Blue Vert New Capital Compound project in terms of field and specialization, but they are distinguished by the same services and standards that were paid attention to. Below we will discuss a list of the names of these projects:

Secon Residence Alexandria project.
Sawary Compound, New Alexandria.
Latin Quarter, New Alamein.
Jade Compound, Fifth Settlement.
Lake Dream Compound project.
The Riyadh project will be.
Damietta Resort Project.
Sicon Nile Towers.
New Cairo City.
Durrat Assiut project.
Obour City.

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