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A1 Corners Tower , new capital

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A1 Corners Tower , new capital
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مقدم 10% وتقسيط علي 6 سنوات
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SV Real Estate Development Company is accustomed to offering distinguished opportunities to investors, and this is renewed in its latest project, A1 Corners Tower , New Capital, A1 Corners Tower New Capital, which is a multi-activity mall that contains commercial, administrative, and medical units. The mall enjoys a strategic location in new Capital, in addition to providing... Facilities in A One Corners Tower prices and convenient payment plans .

Location of the A1 Corners Tower 

The appropriate location is the key to success in any project, so SV Real Estate was keen to choose the location of A1 Corners Tower, new  Capital, in a strategic location that achieves the best results for the units in record time, as A1 Corners Tower, new  Capital, is located on the eastern axis, which makes the project A One Corners Tower, the capital, is close to one of the important areas with high density.

Places near A1 Corners Towers
A1 Corners Tower Mall in the New Administrative Capital is located near the government district.
A1 Corners Mall, the Administrative Capital, can be reached from the iconic tower.
A1 Corners Mall is located minutes away from Al Masa Hotel.
The A1 Corners Tower project separates the capital from the Green River a short distance.
A1 Corners Tower is adjacent to the Embassy District.
It is easy to go to A1 Corners Mall from Bin Zayed Axis.
A1 Corners Tower Mall is close to G-Stone Mall and Double Two Tower Mall.
design A1 Corners Tower 

SV Real Estate Company pays great attention to the designs in the AN Corners Tower in new Capital, so it hired the best architectural designers to ensure the implementation of the latest ideas in a way that satisfies the customers. The accuracy of the design is demonstrated in the presence of sufficient space for the plaza, the landscape, and an elegant glass facade, with the connection between the floors. The mall has escalators and panoramic elevators, and the design of the A1 Corners Mall in new Capital is as follows:

A1 Corners Tower Mall in New Capital consists of a ground floor and 12 floors.
The ground floor to the third floor in A1 Corners Tower, New Capital, for commercial units.
Floor from the fourth to the fifth in theA1 Corners Capital Medical Units Tower.
The sixth to twelfth floors in A1 Corners SV are designated for administrative units
Area of A1 Corners Mall, new Capital

SV Real Estate Company was able to achieve diversity in the unit spaces in the A1 Corners Tower Mall in new Capital, as it succeeded, with its experience, in choosing the spaces that suit the nature of the units, whether commercial, administrative, or medical, so investors get sufficient space that suits the nature of the activities in A1 Corners. Tower, new Capital, and the area of ​​the units of the A-One Corners Tower project is as follows:

Commercial units: start from 26 square meters.
Administrative units: starting from 24 square meters.

prices A1 Corners Tower new Capital 

The unit prices in A1 Corners Tower Mall, new Capital, were in a way that satisfied customers, so that they could get the units they wanted inside A1 Corners Tower, new Capital, at a price that was affordable without exaggeration. Therefore, it provided the best price per meter among the malls in new Capital, and the unit prices are as follows: In A1 Corners as follows:

Commercial units start from 4,295,000
Administrative units start from 1,854,000
Payment plans A1 Corners Tower , new Capital

With the distinctive prices and diverse spaces, SV Real Estate provides reservation and payment programs that start with a small down payment and the rest is paid in installments over many years, so investors will be able to have enough time to pay for the units in A1 Corners Tower, new Capital, and reservations begin at A1 Corners Mall. Tower with the lowest down payment and installments over 9 years, while the launch discount reaches 30%. The installment plans were as follows:

10% down payment, installments over 6 years.
15% down payment and installments over 7 years.
20% down payment, installments over 8 years.
Payment of 30% in installments over 9 years.

services A1 Corners Tower Mall 
In the A1 Corners Tower Mall, New Capital, SV Real Estate Company has provided a wide range of facilities and services that help unit owners accomplish their work, and at the same time ensure a distinctive experience for all visitors coming to the project, and you can feel for yourself the precision in choosing these facilities in A1. Corners Tower New Capital is as follows:

In the A1Corners Tower Mall, New Capital, there is a plaza and landscape area suitable for all different events and activities.
In order to facilitate entry and exit to A1 Corners Tower New Capital, electronic entrances are available.
A-One Corners Mall, new Capital, is electronically controlled to provide a comfortable experience for unit owners and visitors.
A1 Corners Tower, new Capital, contains cafes and restaurants that provide food and drinks to those in the project.
Providing A1 Corners Mall in the capital with high-speed internet networks so that unit owners can complete their work smoothly.
The presence of meeting rooms in A1 Corners Mall makes it easy for customers to hold their meetings very easily at any time.
Security and guard personnel in the A1 Corners Tower project work 24 hours a day to provide safety and comfort for those in the project.
Placing modern surveillance cameras in every corner of AOne Corners Tower to increase security.
ATM machines are located in A1 Corners Tower to facilitate financial transactions.
Maintenance and cleaning services at A-One Corners Tower operate every day of the week so that services always operate with high efficiency.

SV Real Estate Development Company

SV Developments began its journey within the Egyptian real estate market 25 years ago, and during that period it succeeded in building a track record of great successes, and establishing commercial and residential spaces through which it can meet the growing needs of its customers, as SV projects are implemented in a cooperative and transparent manner. Extremely successful in achieving a satisfactory result for customers.

SV Developments projects :
A1 Tower New Capital A1 Tower New Capital.

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