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6ixty business park New Capital

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6ixty business park New Capital
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50% down payment- installments over 2 years
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Sixty Business Park project in new Capital is one of the most famous new administrative commercial centers located in the center of The New Capital, and Edge Holding Real Estate Development Company continues its series of successes with this huge project.

The Sixty Business Park project was developed by Edge Holding Real Estate Company, which has made its own mark in the real estate investment sector, as it has a professional history full of real estate achievements that has established a big name for it in the real estate market.

The company provided many impressive advantages, starting with designs that mimic modern European life, to the ideal location, competitive prices, and easy, flexible payment systems.

After u made its name high in the Egyptian real estate market through the success of its residential project, Oia, New Capital, in the following lines we reveal the most prominent services that Edge Holding Company was keen to introduce to the project to attract more customers.

location 6ixty business park New Capital

Edge Holding Real Estate Development Company, the company that owns the huge Sixty Business Park project, outperformed many competing real estate companies by choosing this distinguished location, a strategic location in the heart of the New Capital. This administrative and medical commercial complex is specifically located in the financial and business district, the most prominent revival of the  new Capital.

The location of Sixty Business Park in New Capital is evidenced by its location directly in front of the Ministry of Finance. The Sixty Business Park project is also unique in its lively and unique location due to its proximity to many major bank headquarters, the most notable of which are the following:

Central Bank of Egypt, just two minutes away from Sixty Business Park.
National Bank of Egypt.
Banque Misr and QNB Bank.
Bank Audi and AAIB Bank.
CIB Bank and EBE Bank.

The most important unique feature of the 6ixty business park project is its location in the Government District area of the New Capital, as this mall is located close to this famous area, and these features played a major role in giving great importance to this enormous edifice.

The Financial and Business District is an important center for employment, as this area includes a large number of trained workers. The number of employees in this area reaches 51 thousand employees. It is the most vibrant area of the Administrative Capital, due to it being a multi-use area, and it is also one of the most frequented areas. Population This is why it is a highly populated area.

Area of the Sixty Business Park project, new capital

The strategic location of the Sixty Business Park New Capital project is what most attracts customers, and this Sixty Business Park mall offers a golden opportunity for all those looking for investment in large spaces.

The company that owns the project has announced the delivery of administrative clients with a complete finishing system, with luxurious and varied finishes that satisfy all tastes.

Holding Real Estate Development Company was also keen to install air conditioners as one of the important facilities, as for the spaces of the commercial, administrative and medical units.

It is also diverse to satisfy all the needs of customers looking for an investment opportunity within this huge commercial mall. The area of the units is as follows:

Commercial units

Both the ground floor and the first floor were allocated for the establishment of commercial units.

The area of ​​commercial units starts from 66 square meters

In comparison, it is clear that the commercial units on the first floor are larger than the commercial units on the ground floor, with diverse spaces to increase the opportunity to book for the largest number of customers.

Administrative units
The area of these units starts from 146 square meters
services of Sixty Business Park Mall, new Capital

Payment plan at Sixty Business Park Mall
Edge Holding, the company that owns this project, 6ixty Business Park, New Capital, has provided its customers with several payment systems. These multiple plan will allow the largest number of customers to reserve the commercial, administrative, and medical units in the distinguished Sixty Business Park project. As for the available payment plan, they are as follows:

50% down payment and installments over two years

Sixty Business Park
There are many different services and facilities that the mall has, through which all means of luxury are achieved.

The company that owns the Sixty Business Park project
The company that owns this huge Sixty Business Park project in the New Administrative Capital is Edge Holding Real Estate Development Company, and it can also be considered one of the most famous and best real estate development and development companies.

The company has long and extensive experience in this field for more than 20 years, which has made it one of the most famous real estate companies in the Egyptian market.

It is also considered one of the joint-stock companies because it was formed in cooperation between the Egyptian company Al Burouj Misr, with its experience extending for more than 12 years, and the Saudi company Al-Mashareq, with its long experience extending for more than 38 years. This cooperation resulted in a number of important projects.

Previous projects of Edge Holding Real Estate
Heaven Hills El Sokhna.
Heaven Hills North Coast project.
Oia Towers, the new administrative capital.
Sixty Business Park, Administrative Capital.

This huge project, Sixty Business Park New Capital, comes with many advantages that are not available in any other mall, and this is what makes it one of the most important commercial, administrative, and medical centers in New Capital. Here are these advantages as follows:

The Sixty Business Park project directly overlooks the Ministry of Finance, the most densely populated area of the New Capital, making it a vital, first-class location.
There are many green spaces and landscapes, which provide a distinct view of all the units it contains.
Electric elevators for easy movement between floors, especially for the elderly.
Security services and guards through a large crew of individuals present throughout the day to maintain peace, and surveillance cameras with high-quality technologies to monitor all movements within the mall.
Sixty Business Park is close to the most prominent financial transaction areas in the New Administrative Capital, which are the World Stock Exchange Towers and the Central Bank.
The owner company allocated a large area on the back side, an 8-acre park, and created a walkway and a tourist attraction in this large area.
A gym and spa with all sports equipment and equipment, in addition to a jacuzzi and other important tools that help you relax and unwind.
There are several major savings for easy access to the mall.
As for the front side opposite the project, it is the main street and its width is 60 meters. This famous commercial mall overlooks the largest library in New Capital.
Looking towards the north, you can see the most prominent banks of the New Capital, which are (QNB-EBE-AIB).
This area occupies a large area estimated at 196 acres in full. This large area was divided as follows:
A large area of this area has been allocated to banks, namely 58 full plots.
As for government agencies and the ministry, their share was 38 pieces.
This area also included the construction of 15 malls, various centers between commercial, administrative and medical.


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