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IL Bosco City
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5% down payment- installments over9 years
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IL Bosco City New Cairo is exclusively designed to give customers full access to all the amenities and facilities they may need without stepping out of the compound.

Property owners in Il Bosco City have got the privilege of getting high-quality services in different aspects, including a Security system, a sporting club, a health hub, garages, a commercial mall, medical centers, an educational school for all stages, and a high-class food corner.

Il Bosco City Compound in Mostakabl City is considered one of the top prestigious compounds of Misr Italia whose expertise is assembled in representing high lifestyle standards and choosing a prime location.

IL Bosco City New Cairo Location:

The location of Il Bosco City New Cairo was strategically selected by Misr Italia to be surrounded by livable neighborhood areas in Al Mostakbel city, minutes away from Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.

Il Mostakbel city’s centric location between the Fifth settlement and the new capital city led to the compound’s proximity to a group the prestigious compounds and main roads.

Il Bosco City is centrally situated on the extension of Golden Square.

IL Bosco New Cairo is about 10 minutes away from The American University.

The compound is about 5 minutes away from Madinty.

People heading to the new capital city from il Bosco City New Cairo will need around 10 minutes to arrive.

The compound location is strategically chosen with proximity to Ora la Vista compound.

IL Bosco City Mostakabal City is one of the most accessible locations because of its centrality in New Cairo, Shorouk, Madinety, and New Capital city; a genuine privilege to benefit from all the nearby facilities and amenities.

The Luxurious Design of Il Bosco City:

Misr Italia Company named Il Bosco New Cairo “the Green City” due to the expanding lush greenery spaces all over the compound.

iL Bosco City New Cairo offers an effective balance between the green landscapes in which residents indulge their senses to the full and the residential-based section.

Similar to Misr Italia Company residential projects, iL Bosco City simulates the highest levels of modern luxurious lifestyles where customers can experience the distinction.

The selection of the company’s best team members to work on the projects was determined after an in-depth analysis of the team’s capacities and capabilities.

Main Phases in Il Bosco City:

Il Bosco City introduces three prestigious phases with unique, exceptional designs ( La Sila, La Natura Stage, La Valles Stage).

1-La Sila | The First Phase in IL Bosco City 

La Sila in Il Bosco City New Cairo is one of the recent residential phases in the compound that features an outstanding variety of units according to their space.

Consider that the minimum space offered in La Sila for a one-bedroom apartment is 92 SQM, while the maximum space for a three-bedroom apartment is 185 SQM.

2-La Natura Stage in IL Bosco City 

La Natura stage shares the same luxury represented in la Sila in il Bosco City where the captivating landscapes and the premium services level. The space and designs of La Natura residential units are set in consideration of the resident’s main demands.

3-La Valles Stage

La Valle stage is the last launched phase in Bosco City in which the spring villa, twin house, and townhouse are the main three units.

Types of Residential Units in Il Bosco City Mostakbal City:

The residential units in Il Bosco Mostakbal city are exceptionally designed in alignment with functionality that allows customers to utilize the compound spaces flawlessly.

What distinguishes the residential units in Il Bosco City is the direct overview of the garden-based areas.

In addition to the smart interior space outlined, the compound offers residents a variety of residential units, which is impossible not to find their perfect pick.

The available types in Il Bosco City Mostakbal City are stand-alone villas, spring villas, twin houses, townhouses, apartments, garden-based villas, and sky villas.

villas starts from 212 SQM.

Twinhouse starts from 228 SQM.

Apartments starts from 94 SQM.

Townhouses starts from 149 SQM.

Italia Misr promises a high-quality level of finishing for all residential units in IL Bosco City New Cairo compound.

Il Bosco City Prices & Payment Plans:

Il Bosco City didn’t fail to surprise its customers with its competitive prices and effective controllable payment plans that extend the instalment period, so customers pay with ease.

The price of Villas starts from 13,271,000 Egp.

Townhouses starts from 19,783,000 Egp.

Twinhouse starts from 27,439,000 Egp.

Apartments starts from 7,265,000 Egp.

Payment plan in El Bosco City:

The instalment system by Misr Italia is one of the main advantages that enact buyers to invest in IL Bosco City New Cairo granting an increase in income resources.

5% down payment and installments up to 9 years.

It should be noted that the prices of La Pianta El Bosco City Compound may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us.

Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company

Misr Italia Developments is considered one of the leading real estate companies in the field of real estate development because it targets different standards in its projects, whether residential, commercial or administrative. One of the company’s advantages is that it provides many options for clients and investors, and thus every client or investor can choose What suits him and his family or his business activity, and the company is headed by many highly qualified cadres because they have experience in such work for more than 15 years. The company is also distinguished by its use of modern architectural designs for the exterior or interior of the building. All of this comes in addition to competitive price plans and payment systems. Flexibility that serves the interests and needs of customers.

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