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Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound

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Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound
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مقدم 10% وتقسيط حتي 8سنوات
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Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound is one of the works of the Arab Developers Holding Company, whose projects enjoy a high degree of sophistication and luxury. It is one of the distinguished works in terms of its integrated services, as well as the many spaces and types of units available to meet all requirements, and through our article we present all the details of the project. .

If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Mostakbal City, the Nyoum project will be your ideal choice

Location of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound

The Nyoum Mostaqbal City Compound project was established in the heart of New Cairo, Mostaqbal City, as it is located directly on Al Amal Axis, and is close to many main axes and roads. Below we show the places near the project, which are:
It is located near many distinctive and famous compounds in New Cairo, including The Wonder Mark Compound and Beta Greens.
The project is located close to the Field Marshal Tantawi Axis, which is one of the most important axes in this region.
It is located near New Maadi, and the distance between them requires 25 minutes.
Very close to the New Capital, with a distance of about 4 minutes.
The distance between it and the American University is only 5 minutes.

Space and design of Nyoum Mostaqbal City:

An area of ​​up to 151 acres has been specified to complete the construction of the Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound project, in order to provide the opportunity to create all types of units that customers are looking for.

• The developer company was able to provide apartments and villas within the project according to what the client needed, and in the design we find green spaces being the largest percentage of the project, not buildings and facilities.

• As for the nature of the distribution of rooms in the project’s units, they were distributed comfortably to serve the client, and provide the opportunity to live in a suitable place in terms of divisions, and building permits allowed the construction of the building with 6 floors.

Nyoum Mostakbal City Services

• There are many services available in the Nyoum Mostaqbal City Compound project that push customers towards owning their residential units in the project, and below we display its services in full:

• Live in safety inside the compound because there is a high-level security and guarding system, and the entire compound is equipped with high-resolution cameras.
• The entire compound is supported by modern technology, through which home services and all the services the guest needs are determined.
• Exercise in the morning on the paths designated for running and walking, and you can also ride bicycles away from the car path.
• Sitting with the family at night during times of fun and entertainment in the social club, which has all the services that guests need.
• Spending leisure time with family and friends while eating delicious meals by going to the restaurants and cafes in the project.
• The possibility of placing the car in a safe place with high-resolution cameras to monitor and preserve the property in the garage.
• Enjoy cleaning and maintenance around the clock, as they are among the services provided to customers in the compound.
• Enjoy times of fun and entertainment with children, in the Kids Area designated for them.
• There is a sports club with golf courses and many other sports.
• There is a large mosque that can accommodate a large number of worshippers.
If you are looking for a townhouse for sale in Mostakbal City, Nyoum Compound will be your perfect choice

Nyoum Mostakbal City project spaces
• The Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound project provided spaces in the way that customers dreamed of, as it provided apartments, villas, as well as various palaces in terms of spaces and in a way that is compatible with everyone’s requirements, and through the following table we explain them in full according to what was announced by the developing company:
• Unit type, area in square metres
• Apartments starting from 63 square meters
• Townhouse villas start from 294 square meters
• Stand Alone villas start from 413 square meters

Prices of the Nyoum Mostakbal City project

• Prices in Nyoum Mostaqbal City Compound varied depending on the type of unit as well as the area, but the Arab Developers Holding Company took into account the competitive prices for its customers, as they are accustomed to from the projects it provides to them, and they are as follows:

• Unit type and price in Egyptian pounds
• Apartments starting from 3,029,000
• 3-bedroom townhouse villas starting from 22,000,000
• 4-bedroom stand alone villas starting from 35,000,000
• It must be noted that the prices of units for sale in the Nyoum project may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us

Nyoum Mostaqbal City payment plan
• Arab Developers Holding Company has provided the opportunity to purchase the unit to be owned in the Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound project with a convenient installment system, by using the flexible system provided by the company, knowing that the delivery of units begins in 2024 and the announced payment plan is:
• 10% down payment and installments up to 8 years
• It should be noted that the prices of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

Arab Developers Holding Company
• Arab Developers Holding Company is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, and it was able to achieve this status by relying on senior experienced architects, who completed its projects with the latest designs and the highest quality.

• The company was established in 2005 AD, and presented its projects on a very large scale, as it was not limited to providing projects in Egypt only, but rather presented them in various parts inside and outside Egypt, and its work is characterized by creativity as well as development, and over the course of its working hours it was able to sell up to 10,500 Unit and delivered about 7,500 units.

Projects of Arab Developers Holding Company
• The Arab Developers Holding Company’s projects have increased in various areas other than the Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound, and below we present the most famous of them:

• Nyoum Pyramids project in West Cairo.
• Nyoum Medical Hub in East Cairo.
• Nyoum Park Mall in East Cairo.
• Sia Matrouh, North Coast.
• Sia Lagoon on the North Coast.
• Sea of the Dead Sea in Jordan.
• Sia Agadir, Morocco.

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