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Prk vie Mall
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10% Down payment and up to 7 years installments
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Prk vie Mall new cairo, is considered one of the best commercial centers developed by Upwyde Real Estate Development and Investment Company. It serves as a transit gateway for investors, providing them with all the success factors that will benefit them greatly, and the most prominent of these factors is the geographical location in the most prestigious residential areas. And services in New Cairo.
Prk vie Mall in the new cairo combines modernity and practicality at the same time, as you can complete all your various tasks and transactions within a short time inside the mall through the modern technologies that have been provided and its smart design that is in line with European architectural styles and was implemented under the signature of engineer Raif Fahmy.
The total area has been exploited in a distinctive way to provide many different facilities and services, ranging from basic and recreational, so that visitors can enjoy a wonderful and unparalleled shopping experience. The investment units have varied between commercial, administrative and medical, and their affiliated spaces have varied in order to meet all the needs of customers.
The company that owns the Mall Prk Vie New Cairo project did not neglect to offer an attractive price package that is incomparable to others, in addition to providing a number of flexible reservation.

Prk Vie Mall location New Cairo:

Customers and investors are increasingly searching for golden opportunities in New Cairo, and accordingly, real estate companies have begun to implement their investments in this region. Therefore, Upwyde Real Estate Company targeted the Fifth Settlement area and implemented its commercial project, which is the Prk Vie Mall in the Golden Square, which witnesses many huge investments. .
The mall is distinguished by its proximity to several vital and service areas and important landmarks in that region, which has made customers very popular, in addition to its proximity to main roads and axes, which has made accessing it easy and does not take much time.

Areas near Mall Prk Vie New Cairo:

Within 10 minutes you will reach the Madinaty area.
Only about a quarter of an hour separates Prk Vie Mall from Cairo International Airport.
The mall is a quarter of an hour away from Shorouk City and the New Capital.
It is easy to reach Al-Rehab City and this trip takes 20 minutes.
It is located near White Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement.

Design of Prk Vie Mall in Fifth Settlement:

Upwyde Real Estate Company designed the Prk Vie Mall in the Fifth Settlement in an ideal and innovative way, and this came through the assistance of a group of engineers and consultants with extensive experience in this field, the most prominent of whom is engineer Raif Fahmy, who has extensive experience that has earned the projects in which he participated tremendous success.
The great attention to all details within Mall Prk Vie New Cairo was evident through its modern design that suits people with good taste and those looking for units of luxury and distinction while maintaining the provision of all functional factors to ensure efficiency and quality that guarantee high success rates for all investment units.

Prk Vie Mall Fifth Settlement area:

The company that owns the Mall Prk Vie New Cairo project was able to realize the importance of the huge space that would enhance all customers’ requirements and provide it with a high level of luxury, as its total area is 5 acres, equivalent to 45,000 square meters.
The majority of that space has been allocated to the plaza areas and the green cover, which helps replenish oxygen and motivate customers to work more comfortably. Green spaces also surround the sides of the mall so that visitors can enjoy watching wonderful and charming views without any noise that might spoil their mood.

Area and types of units in Prk Vie Mall:

Upwyde Real Estate Development Company is keen to provide many investment units within Prk Vie Mall, as the mall consists of 3 basement floors, followed by 4 recurring upper floors, which include a group of commercial, administrative, and medical units whose areas vary in order to meet all tastes and desires, and the spaces are as follows: :
Commercial units: their area starts from 107 square meters.
Administrative offices: their area starts from 53 square meters.
Medical clinics: their area starts from 53 square meters.

Unit prices in Park Mall:

You can now obtain distinctive investment units in New Cairo inside Prk Vie Mall at competitive prices commensurate with the size of the exclusive features available in the mall. Seize the opportunity and invest your money in the right place without incurring any financial obstacles, as unit prices vary according to their different specifications, and the prices are as follows:
Commercial units in Park Mall: Price starts from 18,992,500.00Egyptian pounds.
Administrative units: The price  starts from 7,280,000 Egyptian pounds.
Medical clinics: The price  starts from 7,181,500 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and Payment plan at Prk Vie Mall in Fifth Settlement:

Buying an investment unit in Park Mall has become a real advantage that cannot be abandoned, as Upwyde Real Estate Company has provided a number of flexible reservation and payment plan that help you buy an upscale unit without falling under any financial hardship, and these systems come as follows:
A 10%  Downpaymnet up to 7 years installments.

It should be noted that prices may have changed, to get price updates and to ask about the project contact us.

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