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Glare Mall , Fifth Settlement

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Glare Mall , Fifth Settlement
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10% down payment- installments over 6years
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Glare Mall , Fifth Settlement

Glare Mall, Fifth Settlement, is considered one of the first projects of Areva Real Estate Development, which guarantees the greatest amount of luxury in its project. As the game of chess is known to be a game of smart people, so Glare Fifth Settlement will be the first choice for smart people as well, as it is located in a location Distinctive in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, with diverse spaces, integrated services, and competitive prices.

Location Glare Mall 

Choosing the appropriate location comes at the top of the priorities that Areva Real Estate Development Company took into consideration during the construction of Glare Mall, Fifth Settlement, in order to provide investors with the ideal environment for investment so that they can reach the best results in a short time. Therefore, the most famous street was chosen, which is 90th Street, which is considered one of the most important. The investment sites are specifically in Plot No. 158, Sector One, and it is close to many important areas in the Fifth Settlement. For more details about the Glare N90 St location, follow the following points.

Places near Glare Mall
The distance between Glare 5th Settlement and Cairo Festival City is a few minutes.
The Glare Mall project in New Cairo is close to Al-Jawi Hospital in the Fifth Settlement.
The distance between Glair Mall New Cairo and Nasaem Hospital is about 5 minutes.
From Mall Glare New Cairo to the banking district and the Monorial garage in a few minutes.
The Glare Mall Areva project is close to the Noir Mall projects in Fifth Settlement and East Linn.
Design of the Glare Mall, New Cairo

The Mall Glare New Cairo project has the best modern architectural designs, and the project developer chose the best companies to design the mall, which is the international engineering design company (MEED). The Glare Business Hub also contains 2 underground garages + a ground floor + an elevated ground floor + It has 5 upper floors, and it also has multiple activities, as it includes shops, offices, and clinics.

Spaces of Glare Mall, New Cairo

The large area that the developer company allocated to the project to create the GLARE Business Hub Mall helped it achieve diversity in unit spaces. The project extends over an area of 6,880 square meters, and 70% of the project area was allocated to green spaces and the plaza area, and the rest of the area was allocated to commercial or retail units. Medical or administrative, the areas of the Glare project are as follows:

Administrative offices start from 60 square metres.
Medical clinics start from 85 square meters.
Shops start from 35 square metres
Prices of Glare Mall, Fifth Settlement

The company developing the project is keeping in mind the developments taking place in the real estate market, so it made sure that the selling prices of units in Mall Glare New Cairo are within the reach of ambitious investors, so that they can buy the units they own. In the Mall Glare New Cairo project, it has provided the best price per square meter in Malls in New Cairo. Unit prices in Glare Mall, Fifth Settlement, are as follows:

Medical units start from 15,511,650 Egyptian pounds.
Commercial units start from 14,500,815 Egyptian pounds.
Administrative units start from 10,715,000 Egyptian pounds
Payment plans at Glare Mall, Areva, New Cairo

The facilities provided by Areva Real Estate Development Company in GLARE Mall were not limited to the various spaces and distinctive prices, but at the same time they provided convenient reservation and installment systems to make it easier for customers to purchase the units offered for sale in the GLARE Business Hub project, and it also provided them with more than system so that they can choose the most suitable one for them, and your unit will be received fully finished with air conditioning, and installment and reservation systems in the Glare project as follows:

20% down payment and installments over 5 years
Administrative and medical
Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 6 years
Glare 5th Settlement Services

Unit owners and visitors in Glare Mall, Fifth Settlement, get a very special experience due to the amount of services and facilities provided by the company in the project, through which it tries to help unit owners finish their work very quickly, and at the same time guarantee the visitor a comfortable experience at the level of walking and shopping. Facilities and services at  Mall Glare New Cairo are as follows:

The Glare project contains cafés and restaurants serving delicious food and drinks to those in the mall.
The guarded security services at Glare 5th Settlement operate 24 hours to ensure safety and comfort for unit owners and visitors.
Glare Fifth Settlement Mall provides parking garages underneath the project to prevent crowding in front of the mall gates.
Glair Mall New Cairo includes high-speed internet networks so that unit owners can finish their work very quickly.
A group of halls has been prepared to hold important meetings and conferences in the Areva project.
There are electric generators in Glare Mall, Fifth Settlement, which work quickly as soon as the power goes out.
GLARE Business Hub is dotted with automated teller machines (ATMs) to facilitate financial transactions.
The Areva project has a safe Kids Area area that includes the latest entertainment and safety facilities for children.
The Mall Glare New Cairo is fully operated with a central air conditioning system throughout.
A sufficient number of escalators and panoramic elevators, in order to save visitors effort and ease their movement between the mall’s floors.
The Mall Glare is fully maintained by major maintenance and cleaning companies, which perform this role on a daily basis.
Mall visitors and investors will enjoy green spaces and wonderful views at the GLARE Business Hub.
Glare Mall has 3 entrances, 2 of which are for administrative units, and one for medical clinics.
Areva Real Estate Development Company
Areva Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the most important real estate companies with 38 years of experience in the fields of hospitality, education and agricultural reclamation. Its board of directors is headed by the highly experienced engineer Amr Yassin. During the coming period, Areva aims to meet customer needs.


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