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Discover the splendor of living in Elaf Compound, Fifth Settlement! Built by Emaar Rizk Group, its goal is to provide an exceptional experience, where ease of access meets tranquility; Because it is located directly in front of the old Suez Road, which guarantees you easy access to any place you want with ease.

It also extends over an area of 28 acres, and more than 77% of that area was built to provide all the basic, entertainment, and medical services that customers need, in addition to providing a variety of spaces for residential and administrative units to suit everyone’s needs.

Enjoy safety and daily comfort in the Elaf Residence Compound and enjoy the various services that include sports facilities, schools, shops and more. Find out more about Eelaf Residence New Cairo and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Beyond Elaf Compound, Fifth Settlement

ERG did not choose the name “Elaf” for its project randomly, but because the project comes with a unique perspective, and the developing company believes that there are many things more important than just architecture, landscaping, or even facilities in the project. It knew that what makes the project most distinctive is Indeed, they are its inhabitants.

Since familiarity and a feeling of security are the most important element that all customers search for; This is what it presented in the Eelaf Residence Compound, and the name “Eelaf” is derived from the Arabic word that means “familiarity,” since it has a different approach to the compound.

Emaar Rizk Company did not focus on the usual standards only, but they looked at other characteristics to make customers feel that it is the place in which they were actually born, so let us say welcome to Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound, where communication is built between residents, so that it becomes for everyone a residential complex that includes your memories. Dear.

Location of Elaf Residence Compound

Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound is strategically located in New Cairo, as it is located directly in front of the Old Suez Road, in addition to its close proximity to Creek Town Compound, which makes it close to all the basic and recreational needs you need, such as: schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centers.

The location of Elaf Compound reflects the clear vision of the developing company, which employed the greatest architects in Egypt to choose this site with great care in order to allow its customers to enjoy a unique and integrated lifestyle.

Area of Elaf Compound, Fifth Settlement

It was built on an area of 28 acres. They were chosen very carefully by Emaar Rizq Company to include luxury residential units with the best picturesque view, in addition to being able to exploit the entire space to the greatest extent possible, as it gave the residential units a percentage not exceeding 23% of the total area.

While the remaining space was in favor of basic and recreational facilities, in addition to the necessary services that customers need in order to obtain a luxurious and integrated residential complex, it was also keen to provide an appropriate space between each unit and the other so that they all obtain the greatest possible amount of privacy and security.

Units area

The developer company provided a variety of unit areas in Elaf Residence Compound in order to meet all the needs of customers and the different number of families. It also paid attention to the internal division of the units so that every square meter inside the unit can be practically used.

The residential units in Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound were designed with high precision to connect residents with nature. With attractive sunlit designs, this idea aims to bring light to the entire unit; To create a nice atmosphere for customers

Design of the compound:-

  • As soon as you enter the Elaf Residence Compound, you will see wonderful architectural designs that will attract your attention at first glance, which are characterized by modern and unique architectural lines that are in harmony with the environment around them. The developer also chose calm and elegant colors for the buildings’ exterior designs in an attractive way.
  • It also designed apartments and duplexes in a way that meets the needs of customers while providing spacious and suitable living spaces. With a focus on providing spacious spaces and good ventilation for all units, the buildings in Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound were designed with a ground floor and 5 duplicate floors.
  • In addition to providing outdoor spaces with wide green spaces and various gardens, which provides a quiet and refreshing environment for residents to enjoy a better life filled with fresh air and surrounding nature.
  • Elaf is also distinguished by its world-class homes that have been meticulously designed with an urban architectural concept, with each home carefully created to capture panoramic views from every angle, allowing residents to enjoy the stimulating natural landscape.
  • Privacy and impeccable style are paramount in Elaf Compound, as the design ensures that individual spaces meet personal preferences and needs.

Elaf Residence Compound prices

The prices of Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound are the best ever compared to the rest of the residential projects around it. Given what you will get for that price, it is considered very competitive and within reach of all customers who are looking for an integrated residential compound, and also for all investors who are looking for the best price per square meter in the settlement. Fifth.

The price per meter in Elaf Residence Compound starts from 38 thousand Egyptian pounds
Payment systems in Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound

Emaar Rizq Company was also able to provide one of the strongest payment and installment systems ever due to it being flexible.

  • 5% down payment and installments over 6 years
  • 10% down payment and installments over 8 years

Reasons why you should own your unit in Elaf Compound, Fifth Settlement

If you are looking for the best opportunity to live or invest in New Cairo, look for one of the best projects that has all the factors that make it your best choice. The most prominent of these reasons are:

  • Elaf Compound is characterized by providing competitive prices for residential units, which makes it an excellent opportunity for investment at the best price per square meter, which does not exceed 34 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • It also has a distinguished strategic location in; It overlooks the main landmarks of the new city and provides easy access to main roads and other vital areas.
  • All the services and facilities necessary for a comfortable and convenient life, including swimming pools, health clubs, commercial areas, restaurants, green spaces, play areas, and even medical services, in addition to the high security in Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound.
  • Elaf Residence Compound is unique in its modern and unique architectural designs, in addition to providing large areas for residential and commercial units, which provides a comfortable and luxurious environment for customers.

Who is the developer of Elaf Fifth Settlement Compound?

Emaar Rizk Group Real Estate Development Company (ERG Developments) is the founder of Elaf Residence Compound, which was established in 2005 AD, as a large real estate entity belonging to Mr. Mohamed Rizk. The strength of this company comes from the merger of 4 companies with diversified activities under one umbrella.
That is, ERG Real Estate Development, Emaar Rizk Real Estate, Emaar Rizk Shipping, and Emaar Wood Import and Export. ERG is also distinguished by implementing many distinctive projects in various cities, including the New Administrative Capital. The company aims to achieve a unique vision that combines high quality, innovative design and implementation. The masterful.
Emaar Rizk is also considered a pioneer in the real estate development industry in Egypt, as it focuses on providing high-quality residential, commercial and entertainment projects that meet the diverse needs of customers. This is what we will see in Eelaf Residence, as it seeks to create integrated living environments characterized by luxury.

The most prominent projects of Emaar Rizk Group:-

  • Diamond Tower Mall Administrative Capital 1,2.
  • Right Compound, New Administrative Capital “Ri8”.
  • Monorail Tower Mall, Administrative Capital.
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Family Park


Family Park, Al-Rehab


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American University


The New Administrative Capital


Cairo International Airport


New Heliopolis


Cairo Festival


Shorouk City

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