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Aster Compound
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It is one of the most important and newest real estate projects launched by Times Real Estate Development Company in New Cairo.

In addition to many residential projects such as:-

  • Galleria Compound
  • Mivida Compound
  • Lake View Compound

This is in one of the distinguished strategic locations where all the basic and entertainment services are available, which made staying in the Aster Residence Compound New Cairo complete.

In addition to the ingenuity of the engineering designs of the Aster Residences project, which were implemented with great care and precision by the largest engineering design companies in the world, to produce the compound with the best possible quality.

It is also worth noting that Times Real Estate Development Company offers a variety of prices and different payment systems that give many customers a never-before-seen opportunity to own a unit within this luxurious residential edifice.

Location of Aster Compound, Fifth Settlement.

The location of Aster Compound, Fifth Settlement, joins the most important features of the compound, as it is located in Golden Square near Galleria Compound, Mivida Compound, Lake View Compound, and Azzar New Cairo Compound.

Its location is also distinguished by its proximity to all the upscale neighborhoods in New Cairo, which include various types of services that residents need.

Compound design

  • Times Real Estate Development Company designed the Aster Golden Square New Cairo project with great care and executed it with extreme precision in order to bring together all the high-end classes searching for tranquility and luxury in one residential project.
  • It sought to provide all basic and entertainment services so that the residents of the compound could enjoy an unparalleled stay on an area of 35 acres, as this area was divided so that the vast majority of it would be for green spaces and landscapes.
  • In addition to providing complete facilities of the highest possible quality, and distributing the remaining area of the buildings, which shows the company’s interest in providing all the comfort and privacy that is missing in real estate projects in which the buildings are close to each other.
  • Which shows the precision of the design in all aspects of the project, and the attention to the smallest details that customers who want to live a life of luxury in the truest sense of the word may be looking for.

Unit area of the Aster Fifth Settlement project

The units and their sizes varied within the Aster Residence Compound, New Cairo, due to the interest of Times Real Estate Development Company in offering many options to customers, and in an effort to provide them with all means of comfort and prosperity. This was as follows:

  • Apartments: The apartment units varied in size between:-
  • One room: 85 square metres.
  • Two rooms: with an area starting from 122 square meters and up to 145 square meters.
  • Three rooms: with an area starting from 150 square meters and up to 190 square meters.
  • Penthouse: 250 square meters.Area of Aster Compound, Fifth Settlement

The area of the compound joins one of the most important advantages provided by Times Real Estate Development Company in this project, as the area allocated for the implementation of the compound was 35 acres, meaning more than 147,000 square meters.
It is a very large area that helped Aster Residence Fifth Settlement Compound include many units of varying design and space, so that all customers will find many available options and choose what suits their multiple needs.

Reservation and payment systems in Aster Compound New Cairo

Times Company is not satisfied with providing all its advantages, and continues to provide all means of comfort and prosperity by offering unparalleled payment systems in the city of New Cairo, out of its interest in providing all customers’ needs, through the following systems:

  • The customer pays a 10% down payment + 10% upon receipt + and pays the remaining amount over 8 years.
  • In addition, there are maintenance expenses amounting to 8% of the unit value.
  • There are huge discounts if you pay in cash, 30% of the total amount is deducted.
  • Units within the Aster New Cairo project will be delivered two years after the contract date.

Advantages of owning a unit within Aster Residence New Cairo

The Aster Fifth Settlement Compound was presented in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, alongside many mega projects, in order to create a huge position for itself among the largest residential projects. One of the most prominent features that the owner company provided through it is its distinctive location in the middle of all the areas filled with vitality and dense population.

This massive residential project was built on a large area to include many residential units and service facilities that make the visitors of Aster Compound enjoy a quiet and wonderful life, in addition to the presence of vast green spaces interspersed between all the buildings inside it, as they help comfort the eyes and nerves and provide a charming natural view.

In addition to the presence of the best engineering and urban designs for all buildings so that the total area of the Aster Fifth Settlement project is exploited for the benefit of its residents, all units also enjoy dazzling decorations in the most luxurious modern international styles.

Owning a residential unit within Aster Residence is an unparalleled investment opportunity, as it is distinguished by containing various types of basic services and recreational activities that bring more luxury and joy.

Ideal prices have also been provided that suit the general economic conditions for all investors, in addition to the owner company taking into account the provision of amazing reservation and payment methods that may reach 8 years.

The real estate developer of Aster Fifth Settlement Compound

The Aster Fifth Settlement project joined the most important works of Times Real Estate Development Company, which has a great history in the field of development, and which owns many luxury projects throughout the Republic. Among the most important works of Times Company are the following:-

  • Zayed Regency Compound.
  • Zayed Dunes Compound.
  • Aster Compound, Fifth Settlement


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South 90th Street


Administrative capital


my city


Palm Hills New Cairo


American University


Middle Ring Road

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