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Amorada Compound
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12% Down payment and up to 5 years installments
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Inside Amorada Compound, an exceptional experience awaits you that combines tranquility, sophistication, and integrated services, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy this atmosphere. It is a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to achieve living stability.
It is also implemented by Afaq Real Estate Development Company, which is one of the largest real estate companies. It is a true name, as it always aims for dreams and ambitions, and therefore it always aspires to implement distinctive projects, and this matter appeared in its latest project that it implemented, “Amorada Fifth Settlement Compound.”
Amorada New Cairo offers you a wide range of residential units that were developed in different and unique spaces and were carefully designed to meet your unique needs and preferences. Therefore, if you are looking for a residential apartment with a view of the charming nature or looking for separate villas, in all cases you will find what you are looking for. Modern designs and sophisticated finishes that reflect luxury and sophistication.
Through this article, you will learn about what distinguishes Amorada Compound from other residential compounds in the Fifth Settlement area and what makes it a guaranteed investment opportunity. Follow the following lines with us.

Amorada Compound location:

There is no doubt that the geographical location is considered one of the most important factors that many clients pay attention to, and therefore the developing company was keen to choose a location that has a high attractiveness for the implementation of “Amorada Fifth Settlement Compound”, as the heart of the Fifth Settlement was chosen as the location for this project.
In fact, the Fifth Settlement area is the dream of many people and investors, as it includes many features, which include the following:
Easy movement between new cities due to its proximity to main axes such as the Ring Road and Suez Road.
An integrated area with services, enabling the residents of this area to easily access stable living.
Close to international schools and universities as well, such as the American and German University, which guarantees your children a higher education near your residential unit.


Areas near  Amorada Compound:

Main axes: Ring Road, Suez Road, Galala/Sokhna Road.
International Universities: The American University, which is 10 minutes away from the compound
Residential compounds: Hyde Park Compound, Katameya Dunes Compound, Mivida Compound.
Vital areas: Main 90th Street.
Airports: Cairo International Airport.
New cities: Heliopolis, Nasr City, the Administrative Capital.

Amorada New Cairo space:

Afaq Real Estate Company has implemented its latest residential project, “Amorada Compound,” on an area of 28,615 square meters, which is estimated at 7 acres. Of course, it is a huge area that the developer company was keen to exploit well, as it divided it as follows:
Allocating 22% to residential units, as this theater includes 13 buildings, which include the equivalent of 272 residential units of varying sizes and sizes.
80% is allocated to green parks and services that meet customers’ daily needs and make them no longer need to search for their requirements far from their residential units.

Types and sizes of units in Amorada Compound:

Amorada Fifth Settlement Compound was implemented in 3 phases, each phase including a certain number of residential units of different types and sizes:
First model
Duplex: its area starts from 211 square meters.
Apartments: their area starts from 186 square meters

Prices of Amorada Compound:

The various price packages offered by Afaq Company give customers a range of flexible options, which helps them achieve their dreams of obtaining a residential unit in the Amorada Compound, as it is a wonderful opportunity for customers who are looking for luxury housing with flexible payment options and competitive prices, thanks to the efforts made by Before Afaq Company.
Duplex price: starts from 10,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Apartment price: starts from 7,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment plan for Amorada Compound:

Payment plan and flexible payment methods allow customers the opportunity to benefit from the special offers offered by Afaq Real Estate Company and enjoy the unique benefits offered by Amorada Compound, Fifth Settlement, where customers can pay the total amount of the unit in installments over a long period of time, without paying additional interest, which makes the purchase process more convenient. Ease and flexibility. These systems are as follows:
Installments over 5 years and 12% down payment.

It should be noted that prices may have changed, to get price updates and to ask about the project contact us.

The company's projects inside Egypt:

Florida North Coast Hotel.
Venice Towers 1.
Venice Towers 2.
Al-Nasr Towers, Mahalla City.
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The company's projects outside Egypt:

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