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Seriea The Groove , Ain Sokhna

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Seriea The Groove , Ain Sokhna
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25% down payment- installments over 5years
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The Groove Sokhna Resort, Village The Groove Sokhna, is one of the high-end projects in which you can get a high-level service that is not preceded by any of the current famous projects. The village has spread over a huge area and the company developing it was able to make it attractive to a large base of  clients.

In The Groove, you will get the distinctive view of your unit, regardless of its size or type, in addition to enjoying the finest services continuous throughout the day, in addition to enjoying competitive prices... and all of this without moving far from Cairo, as it has been taken into account that the village is near a large number of Vital places.

So enjoy spending the most beautiful days of your vacation at The Groove, Ain Sokhna, and get your favorite unit from among the displayed, luxurious entertainment and service places. Through our website, we show you all the prices and spaces available in the village so that you can choose what suits you.

If you are looking for distinctive chalets for sale on the North Coast, “The Groove Sokhna Resort” will be your ideal choice.

Location of The Groove Resort, Ain Sokhna

The Groove Resort Sokhna project is one of the projects that made it one of the strengths that distinguished Dar Misr El Gedeid’s work, and it was a turning point in its history, due to its famous features and countless services that made the project contain everything that is distinctive.

One of the most important things that the company was keen to provide in this project is the distinguished location, as it chose to be on the Zafarana Road, which is one of the important and distinctive roads, and the resort is specifically located on Mount Galala.

It has a group of the most luxurious services that make it the most important tourist resorts, and it is worth noting that its distinctive location is one of the most important locations that made it the ideal project for everyone. To be more specific, you will find it only one hour away from the New Administrative Capital and Cairo.

For anyone looking for a distinctive investment project, choosing The Groove Sokhna Resort is the ideal choice for him, and the most suitable for different clients, as its location is one of the most famous features that attracts many people towards it, due to its proximity to many places, which are:

The project is located close to Boho Resort Ain Sokhna, which is one of the most important resorts in that region, and is also located close to GB Village, which is one of the important villages in Ain Sokhna.
The Groove Sokhna is at most an hour away from Cairo Road, but it may only be 45 minutes.
The Groove Sokhna is located close to the Administrative Capital, a distance of 35-60 minutes.
The distance between The Groove Sokhna and Porto Sokhna is only 11 kilometers.

Space and design of The Groove Sokhna project

The area approved for the construction of The Groove Resort Ain Sokhna project reaches 83 acres, and it is one of the large areas that have been approved in tourism projects in order to provide all services.

Up to 14% of the total area of the project was used for buildings, the remainder of which is devoted to activities, green spaces, and recreational services available to the resort’s residents.

The company developing the project relies on this to provide all the services that customers need and other activities within the project that help meet the needs, and provide everything that everyone requires, and the buildings in it are of different sizes and diverse shapes and designs.

In The Groove Resort, Ain Sokhna, there is a huge artificial island with an area of 14 acres, and on that island you will find all the services and landscapes that provide everyone with beautiful, scenic views that attract and delight those who look at them.

The Groove Resort Ain Sokhna project includes many buildings and services that were designed in a modern and unique style that made the project everything distinctive and suitable for different tastes.

Make sure that choosing The Groove Resort Ain Sokhna project was to meet your entertainment needs and spend the most enjoyable times, and in it you will find everything you are looking for, so do not hesitate to buy and hurry to reserve your unit in the space you desire from the many spaces available in the project.

Unit space in Seriea The Groove Resort, Ain Sokhna

The spaces available in Seriea The Groove Sokhna Resort project are diverse and different, and this is what the company responsible for developing this project was keen on, so that it suits all needs and tastes.

At The Groove Sokhna Resort, you will find different types of units ranging from chalets to independent villas, and each of these types has different spaces, so through the following we will show you the spaces that you can choose from:

1 bedRoom area starts from 70 square meters

 two bedrooms starts from 100 square meters
 3 bedrooms starts from 155 square meters

You can choose from those spaces in Seriea The Groove Resort, Sokhna, which help you own the distinctive tourist units you are looking for, and also provide you with the possibility of obtaining the type of unit you desire with complete comfort, according to the different types available in the project.

Unit prices in Seriea The Groove Resort, Ain Sokhna

Prices within the Seriea The Groove Resort Sokhna project vary according to the spaces available within the project. It is worth noting that the prices offered by Dar Misr Real Estate Development Company took care to be suitable for everyone, which made them competitive. Below we will display the average prices available in the project:

1 bedRoom price starts from 5,880,000
 two bedrooms starts from 8,400,000
3 bedrooms starts from 13,020,000

The prices are not high when compared to the services provided in the project, which was noted by many customers who targeted this resort in order to obtain the unit they wanted. Despite this, the company has introduced a payment system that makes it easier for the customer to own the unit he desires. Among the existing units.

payment plan for Seriea The Groove Resort, Sokhna
Although the company did not offer many payment systems, what it offered was compatible with all customers, and was characterized by ease due to the fact that it follows a long-term installment period.
Down payment starting from 25% and installments up to 5 years
It should be noted that the prices of The Grove Resort Sokhna may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.
Services of The Groove Sokhna 

If you are targeting in your search a tourist resort through which you will receive services at the highest level of accuracy and mastery of work, and also through which you would like to own chalets for sale in Ain Sokhna that are upscale and distinctive, then Grove Chalets will be the ideal choice for you, due to the enormous and countless services available in them. For her, which is:
• An artificial island was built in The Groove project on an area of up to 14 acres. It is one of the islands that contains the most important features that everyone who wants to enjoy some relaxation and comfort in the place is looking for.
• The sports tracks located between chalets for sale in Ain Sokhna belonging to the group will allow you to practice your sport without worrying about mingling with a group of people who are not interested in sports, or the cars in the resort.
• There is a sports club at The Groove Sokhna Resort. It has many modern sports equipment that enable you to obtain the best sports services, and it has a group of the most skilled trainers.
• Make your children enjoy the entertainment atmosphere inside the resort and go with them to the Aqua Park, which was specially designed for children to feel luxury and enjoyment.
• If you want to spend fun times with your children inside The Groove Sokhna Resort, you will find swimming pools of different depths and spaces.
• There are a group of cafes and restaurants inside The Groove Sokhna Resort, serving various types of foods of the highest quality and best taste.
• The Groove Sokhna Resort has a spa equipped with the highest level of service, and all means of pleasure, comfort and entertainment are available.
• The entire resort is equipped with security and guarding systems at the highest level of training, and has high-tech and high-resolution cameras.
• The real estate developer within The Groove Sokhna Resort provides you with areas designated for holding events and celebrations.
• You will find a clubhouse in The Groove Sokhna project that provides many entertainment services.
• The Groove Sokhna Resort includes a 5-star hotel, providing services at the highest level.
If you are looking for distinctive chalets for sale on the North Coast, “The Groove Sokhna Resort” will be your ideal choice.

Dar Misr Real Estate Development and Investment Company
Dar Misr Real Estate Company is one of the largest real estate development companies currently in Egypt, due to the large number of projects attributed to it, as it provides all the services that everyone is looking for.
This company also sought to become global in this field, which is evident from the nature of the finishes and designs that it carries out in all of its projects, and from the experience of the architects that it relies on in creating the project.
The company designed a large number of projects in different places, in partnership with Al-Kaffafi Group, which is one of the companies affiliated with the General Contractor for the Armed Forces, which has created about 60% of the projects for the military entity.
This is what made Dar Misr Real Estate Development Company’s fame in the beginning, and then, by relying on itself and its desire to prove its name in this field, it was able to develop itself and its work in a way that made it reach that position at the present time.
The prestigious projects created by Dar Misr Real Estate Development Company did not stop at The Groove project, but rather a large number of real estate projects belong to it.

DM Development company history
Dar Misr Real Estate Development Company includes a large number of projects that made the company the great position it has reached at the present time, and which served as support and confidence for it and consolidation of its name, as it pushed it towards establishing The Groove project, which are:

• Coral Hills Resort Marsa Alam.
• The View Sharm El Sheikh Resort.
• Oasis Hurghada Resort.

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