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Murano Village, Ain Sokhna

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Murano Village, Ain Sokhna
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5% down payment- installments over 9 years
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Murano Village, Ain Sokhna is one of the coastal villages presented by Wadi Degla Real Estate Development Company for lovers of the Red Sea and those looking to enjoy tranquility, as well as for those wishing to invest their money in one of the largest real estate projects in Egypt now.

The company that owns the Murano El SOKhNA project was keen to present it in the heart of Ain Sokhna at the beginning of Zaafarana Road, near several vital and service areas, in addition to its direct view of the Red Sea coast, which is characterized by the presence of many coral reefs and aesthetic appearances that provide a wonderful view.

Murano Sokhna Resort extends over a huge area of 111 acres, and this area serves the presence of a large group of residential units that vary in size to meet the needs of customers and investors, in addition to providing vast green spaces and swimming pools of multiple sizes.

Wadi Degla Real Estate Development Company was not satisfied with what it provided, but it also provided luxurious European designs that make residents feel luxury and beauty. Murano Ain Sokhna Resort is also distinguished by its ideal prices and flexible reservation and payment systems.

Murano Ain Sokhna project location

Wadi Degla Company chose to locate its new residential project with a length of 750 meters on the shore of the Red Sea in order to further enjoy the purity of the water and a distinctive view of it. Murano Sokhna Wadi Degla is located specifically at the beginning of Zaafarana Road in Ain Sokhna and only 5 km from Katameya Road.

Murano Ain Sokhna village is close to the Suez Road, while it is separated from Cairo by a distance that can be traveled in one hour at most. It is located near all the main roads that make transportation in and out of Ain Sokhna easier.

Areas near Murano El SOKhNA
Cairo/Ain Sokhna Road.
Cairo/Suez Road.
New Administrative Capital.
Saffron Road.
Cairo and Suez.
It is also approaching Kattameya.
Area and design of Murano Village, Ain Sokhna

The Murano Ain Sokhna project was built on an area estimated at approximately 111 acres, which contributed to providing the project with many important services and facilities that helped make it stand out even more, as the largest share of the space was allocated to green spaces and swimming pools that separate the buildings and residential units so that they can enjoy... Live a life full of privacy and freedom.

The smaller portion of the total area is allocated to residential units of different types and sizes to meet the diverse desires of customers to meet their needs, and all units also have stunning interior décor.

Murano Sokhna Village has a sophisticated European design that serves various customers’ boats. The village was designed with a system of tiered terraces so that all residential units enjoy a direct view of the sea. The huge project area serves the presence of all the various services and facilities that create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere in the resort.

Unit spaces in Murano El SOKhNA

The units' sizes in Murano Village, Ain Sokhna, vary according to their types, while ensuring that all units overlook the sea and are equipped to serve every client. The types and sizes are as follows:

Chalets start from 145 meters
Duplex area starts from 250 square meters

Unit prices in Murano Village, Ain Sokhna

The developing company was keen to offer a variety of competitive prices that cannot be compared to the prices of any other projects. The prices came to add a new advantage to the features that the project enjoys.

Chalets start from 7,829,960
Duplex space starts from 12,831,450

Prices are very reasonable when compared to the number of facilities and services available within the village. Prices also vary according to the variety of residential units and their different sizes to suit different categories.

Payment plan in Murano Sokhna Wadi Degla

The units in Murano Village, Ain Sokhna, varied, as did the payment methods, with the installment period fixed so that customers find what suits their desires. These plan are compatible with the different social classes of customers. The plan come as follows:

5% down payment and installments over 9 years

The company developer of Murano Sokhna Village

Murano Village, Ain Sokhna, is one of the projects of Wadi Degla Real Estate Development Company, which is one of the leading companies in the real estate field. The company was founded in 2005, and since its establishment, its successive projects have begun, which have strengthened its name in the real estate market.

The company is keen to provide all means of comfort and luxury to its customers and always puts its customers at the forefront of its goals, through many of the facilities and services it provides in its projects.

The company is famous for its keenness to deliver its projects on time, with distinctive designs and vital and important locations, all of which has made it gain the trust of a large segment of customers.

The most prominent works of Wadi Degla Company
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