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Majesty Bay Al Galala 

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Majesty Bay Al Galala 
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25% down payment- installments over 5 years
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Majesty Bay el Galala Village has a unique location that has contributed to achieving a high sales rate since its announcement, and attracting a large number of investors. As for the design followed, it is very suitable for various tastes.

The colors used in it added the warm touch that everyone who wants to own a quiet and elegant summer resort unit is looking for. The project units were offered at competitive prices and convenient payment systems to make it a complete project, as we present its details below.

If you are looking for chalets for sale in Ain Sokhna, Majesty Bay El Galala Village will be your perfect choice.

Location Majesty Bay

Majesty Bay el Galala Ain Sokhna was chosen to be built in a strategic location, which is Zaafarana Road, 1 km from Galala Tourist Resort, and therefore it is closer to all of the following:

Many vital projects are approaching the project, including Vidala Al-Jalala Village and Sky City Al-Jalala.
The distance between it and the gates of Ain Sokhna is only 15 minutes.
It is about 90 minutes away from Cairo if you travel the distance by car.
It is about 50 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
The turquoise sea is overlooked by all the village units.

Area and design of Majesty Bay Village

Majesty Al Galala Resort was established on an area of 6.5 acres, which is a good area that allowed for the possibility of diversifying between the units and their spaces, as well as providing all recreational, residential and service activities that are compatible with various needs.

As for the style, the company followed the unique Greek style, which relies on good taste in choosing colors to appear more harmonious and warm. The number of units in the entire project is 160 units. Each building consists of a ground floor, two recurring floors, a garden, and a roof.

Spaces of Majesty Bay Al Galala 

In the huge area on which Majesty Bay Al-Jalala Village was built, the units and their areas vary as follows:

Chalets from 140 meters
Duplexes start from 220 meters

Majesty Bay el Galala prices

Prices varied with a clear difference in the areas of Majesty Bay Village, Ain Sokhna, and the developer company announced the following competitive prices:

Chalets from 10,000,000
Duplex from 17,500,000

Majesty Bay Village paymentPLan, Ain Sokhna

One of the features that LaSirena Company is famous for is the installment systems it offers in all projects to facilitate purchases. The installment plan for any chalets or duplexes in the village are as follows:

25% down payment and installments over 5 years

It should be noted that the prices of Majesty Bay el Galala Village may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us.

Majesty Bay Al Galala Village services

There are many services available in Majesty Bay Al Galala Village that suit different customers, namely:

Enjoy a unique entertainment experience with the yacht marina available in the village, to have a unique experience inside the water park prepared with an attractive and fun design.
Eat delicious meals and drinks with family and friends in the restaurants and cafes in the village, which are available in large numbers.
Enjoying a high-level security system due to the availability of a guard system and surveillance cameras located everywhere to protect property.
Performing prayers in the designated place, as there is a mosque in a modern and elegant Islamic style that can accommodate large numbers of worshipers.
The project offers the opportunity to enjoy recreational and marine sports through the activities designated for them in the village.
Enjoy a panoramic view of all units through the wide green spaces everywhere.
The possibility of placing the car near you in the garage designated for it and supported by a high level of security and order.
Enjoy walking and running on the designated paths.

LaSerena Real Estate Investment Company

LaSirena Real Estate Company has gained fame since 2007 AD, and this was due to its work that preceded Majesty Bay Al Galala Village, as the total development area that it supervised reached 2,500,000 square meters for all projects.

It is also famous for its commitment to delivering units on time, and it is considered one of the most famous and largest real estate development companies that meets all customer needs in its projects based on its experience in the field and its reliance on senior engineers.

Lasirena Group development projects

LaSerena Company is credited with a lot of development and construction work, which we present below:

L'avvento village, Oyoun Moussa, Ras Sidr.
La Sirena Palm Beach Sokhna Village.
Cap Bay Resort Ain Sokhna.
La Sirena village, Oyoun Moussa.
LaSirena Mini Egypt Village.
LaSirena Resort Sharm El Sheikh.
LaSirena North Coast.
The village of Bella Vento Galala.
And LaSirena Bay Village.

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