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Majada Village, Ain Sokhna

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Majada Village, Ain Sokhna
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10% down payment- installments over 9 years
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Majada Village Ain Sokhna is an ideal choice for all those looking for a summer unit where they can enjoy the coastal environment, as a result of choosing the ideal location for it.

Majada Village Ain Sokhna is considered one of the integrated projects. This is the result of attention to all its details since its construction began, and this is evident in its inclusion of various recreational, vital and residential services.

iwan Real Estate Company undertook this huge construction, and chose to complete it on a very large area in order to provide various requirements. Through Majada Village, it created a huge buzz in the Egyptian real estate development market.

If you are looking for chalets for sale in Ain Sokhna, Majada Iwan Sokhna Village will be your perfect choice.

Location of Majada Village, Ain Sokhna

The most important locations in Ain Sokhna were chosen for the implementation of the Majada Ain Sokhna project, as it is located 2 kilometers from the city of Galala. The following is what characterizes the location of this project:

The distance between it and Al-Zafarana Road is about 4 and a half kilometers.
The number of kilometers separating it from the port of Ain Sokhna is 30 kilometers.
It is separated from Porto Sokhna by a distance of 5 km.
It is located 126 kilometers from New Cairo.
It is 3 km away from New Galala City.
It is located 45 km from Monte Galala.

Space and design of Majada Iwan Sokhna

The area that was exploited to establish the Majada Ain Sokhna Village project amounts to 101 acres, knowing that 90% of the total units within the project have a direct view of the shores of the Red Sea.

The village's private beach extends to 600 meters in length, and in terms of design, it was built on terraces that take the form of a terrace, and their heights range from 4 to 15 metres. The high-end and distinctive units varied between duplexes, villas, twin houses and chalets.

Spaces of Majada Ain Sokhna Resort

The areas of the units varied and differed due to the developer company’s exploitation of the total land of the project, and this led to the units being suitable for all needs, as they came in the following areas:

The studio area starts from 54 square meters
1 bedRoom area starts from 75 square meters
 two bedrooms starts from 95 square meters
 3 bedrooms starts from 125 square meters

Prices of Majada Village, Ain Sokhna

The prices offered by iwan Company in its latest project, Majada iwan Sokhna Village, are competitive and are:

The studio price starts from 3,200,000
1 bedRoom price starts from 4,800,000
two bedrooms price starts from 6,700,000

 3 bedrooms price starts from 9,000,000

Majada Ain Sokhna payment plan

In exchange for these prices, which may be prohibitive for some, the company has provided flexible payment plan that can be used during purchases, which are:

10% down payment and installments over 9 years

It should be noted that the prices of Majada Ain Sokhna Village may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

Majada Iwan Sokhna services

Majada Village, Ain Sokhna, provides all types of services that guests may need, which allows them to:

Enjoy the sport closest to you through the sports club. Also, if you tend to walk, run, or cycle, the relevant path has been designated for you.
Enjoying electricity services and all services that require maintenance within the village around the clock, provided that maintenance services are available at all times.
You can get the medications you want at any time through the pharmacy that works around the clock to provide the best services.
Diving enthusiasts are allocated diving trips within the village that allow them to watch fish and dolphins and enjoy unforgettable moments of adventure.
Maintaining your health and following up periodically by conducting the necessary tests from time to time in the medical clinics available within the village.
Enjoy a high level of entertainment with various recreational activities inside the 2 clubhouses available in the village.
You can get rid of negative energy and empty it completely through yoga sessions in the places designated for it.
The developing company has provided a library where you can meet people who have the same interests as you in terms of love of reading and education.
Performing prayers within the village does not require leaving it due to the availability of a mosque that can accommodate large numbers of worshippers.
Business can be conducted independently remotely due to the provision of Internet services that are characterized by tremendous speed.
Keep your car in a private and safe place with garages available within the village and equipped with cameras.
The village's security and guarding system is highly trained, and there are cameras everywhere in the village.
Your children can enjoy times of entertainment in the games and entertainment area dedicated to them over a huge area.
Consumer goods and products can be obtained easily through the hypermarket.

If you are looking for chalets for sale, Majada Iwan Sokhna Village will be your ideal choice

iwan Real Estate Company

iwan Company is one of the largest real estate development companies that appeared in the market as one of the companies relying on an elite group of senior engineers, and thus they had the greatest influence on its fame through the tremendous designs resulting from their experience in the field, and it has many previous projects. Majada Iwan

Iwan Development Company projects

iwan Company has completed its projects in various places, and below we explain its previous work

The Axis Compound, 6th of October.
Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound.
Jedar Compound, 6th of October.
Iwan Avenue Compound.
Jewar project.
Atrio Compound.
VIDA Project.

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