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La Vista Gardens Village ,Ain Sokhna

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La Vista Gardens Village ,Ain Sokhna
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20% down payment- installments over 4 years
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La Vista Gardens Sokhna Village La Vista Gardens Sokhna is a tourist resort that has taken into account the highest degree of precision in design, while providing wonderful features that attract any client to it.

La Vista Real Estate Company was keen to provide the project with the various required services that visitors and residents need, which made it a vital project with many people wanting to own units.

We can also say that the distinctive location is the key to the success of this village with the level of sales achieved, due to its proximity to the most important places and the distinctive view of the Red Sea coast, which added to its vitality and beauty.

If you are looking for chalets for sale with a wonderful and attractive design of different sizes, La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna will be your ideal choice.

Location of La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Village

The LaVista Gardens Sokhna project is located in Ain Sokhna, specifically at kilometer 146 km on Cairo Road. It is an area characterized by a quiet atmosphere and overlooks many axes and important places. Its location is famous for the following:

The distance between the village and the city of Suez is 95 kilometers.
Between La Vista Gardens Village and Cairo is less than two hours by car.
It is located near many tourist villages.
It connects Ain Sokhna and Saffron.
The resort is located entirely on the sea.
Very close to Galala City.
Close to Laguna Bay.

Space and design of La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna 

La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Village was established on an area of up to 180 acres, which allowed the provision of all facilities and services required in such projects to satisfy all customers with their various requirements.

The design of the village is distinctive and enormous, and at a high level that suits all tastes. 80% of the project area has been allocated to green spaces and recreational services, while the remaining 20% area is allocated to buildings, and it has been divided into 6 rows sloping towards the sea, with swimming pools and extended green spaces. Along the coast.

spaces La Vista Gardens Sokhna 

The sizes of the units available in the village varied, and this includes chalets and twin houses, which are in La Vista Gardens Sokhna as follows:

Chalets starting from 140 meters

La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna village prices

The price per square meter in La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna starts at 16,000 Egyptian pounds, and the company presented unit prices as follows:

Chalets starting from 8,610,000

LaVista Gardens Sokhna payment plan

La Vista Company has provided  plan through which the price of the unit is paid in installments, and the customer must choose the one that best suits his financial capabilities, which are:

20% down payment and installments over 4 years

It should be noted that the prices of La Vista Gardens Sokhna Village may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Village Services

There is a huge range of services that guests need while staying at La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Village, including:

It is possible to enjoy all the services and facilities within the village without the need to own units in it, due to the presence of distinguished hotels that provide hotel services to the fullest.
Enjoying recreational times with family and friends, sitting in swimming pools, and enjoying swimming in them at different depths suitable for everyone.
Eat the most delicious food and meals with a unique taste made by the most skilled chefs in the many restaurants and cafes in the village.
Maintaining health status by following up with senior doctors at the available health center and medical clinics within the village.
The possibility of practicing the sport you are inclined towards, whether it is cycling, walking, or running on the paths designated for it.
You can enjoy moments of calm and relaxation by sitting under umbrellas in front of the picturesque artificial lakes.
Recreation without fear for property and children due to the presence of a high level of security and protection within the village.
Spending fun times with family and friends at the beach through the recreational activities available there.
Do not worry about the level of cleanliness and sterilization in the village, as cleaning services are provided around the clock.

If you are looking for elegant and distinctive chalets for sale, La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna will be your ideal choice.

La Vista Real Estate Development and Investment Company

La Vista Real Estate Development Company was established in 1991, and it is the owner of the largest real estate projects in the Egyptian market. It has been able to establish its name since its first year in this field, thanks to the experience of the engineers it relied on in its work.

Based on the company’s extensive experience, it is able in each project to meet the needs of all customers and provide them according to what is compatible with their requirements in terms of the entertainment, residential or service aspects. Therefore, as soon as the availability of chalets for sale in La Vista Gardens Sokhna was announced, customers and investors rushed to obtain units in the village. .

La Vista Development projects

The company has previously established and established a large number of businesses other than La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Village, which are:

La Vista City Compound, New Administrative Capital.
La Vista Bay East North Coast Resort.
La Vista Ras El Hekma North Coast.
La Vista Topaz Resort Ain Sokhna.
El Patio Zahraa Compound, Sheikh Zayed
El Patio Zayed project, Sheikh Zayed.
El Patio 5 Compound, East Shorouk.
El Patio Prime El Shorouk Compound.
El Patio Oro, New Cairo.
La Vista Ain Sokhna Resort.
El Patio Casa El Shorouk.

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