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Cape Bay Sokhna village

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Project Name
Cape Bay Sokhna village
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Payment Method
15% down payment- installments over 9 years
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Project Description

If you want to spend a special and different summer vacation, you should invest in Cape Bay Ain Sokhna, which was developed by Lasirena Group in the best location in Ain Sokhna, and the company provided its project with the best services that provide the customer with all means of entertainment and leisure within the project. Laserena Group also provided the best payment systems to make it easier for the customer to reserve a chalet for sale in Ain Sokhna within Cap Bay Village, as the payment plan offered by the developer company are considered compared to the rest of the projects located in the same area.

Why buy in Cape Bay Sokhna village, Ain Sokhna?

The developer, Lasirena Group, has provided many features that make the project distinct from other projects in Ain Sokhna. The features are as follows:

The prices of the units inside Cap Bay Ain Sokhna were different and different, which gave the client a strong impetus to invest inside it.
The payment plan in Cape Bay Sokhna are considered convenient to suit all those wishing to invest.
The location of Cape Bay Ain Sokhna is strategic and lively, and it is one of the most important features available in the project.
The availability of a large number of units of different sizes gives the customer the freedom to choose his unit, which is also considered an important advantage.
The real estate developer of the project is one of the project’s features because it is the well-known Laserena Group company.
Location of Cape Bay Resort, Ain Sokhna

Cape Bay Ain Sokhna Resort is located about 14 km after the gates of Ain Sokhna and about 6 km after Stella Di Mare. It is also located on the Suez Road and is surrounded by many famous landmarks in Ain Sokhna. It came close to:

Cape Bay Ain Sokhna is only 15 minutes away from the gates of Ain Sokhna.
The resort is one hour away from Cairo.
Cape Bay Sokhna Village is located about 6 km from Stella Di Mare.
Cape Bay Sokhna Village is located next to the Tolip Hotel in the Sokhna area.
Cape Bay Sokhna can be reached from the Administrative Capital in 45 minutes.
Cape Bay Sokhna Village is located near the Suez Road.

It is easy to reach from and to Cap Bay Village, Ain Sokhna, due to the availability of the project near the main roads that lead to Cairo with ease. Therefore, it is considered the location of Cap Bay Village, Ain Sokhna.

Design and area of Cape Bay Sokhna Village

Lasirena Group Company presented the latest modern designs within Cap Bay, Ain Sokhna, where it paid attention to the smallest picturesque construction details and appropriate use of spaces. The result was that the design of the units became a combination of beauty and simplicity. It also relied on the finest materials for finishing and came to satisfy those looking for sophistication and luxury. As for the area of Cap Bay Ain Sokhna, it was an area of 160 acres, which is considered one of the largest areas of tourist villages in Ain Sokhna. The project area also helped provide units of different sizes, which gave the client many options in terms of area and price.

Area of the units of Cape Bay Village, Ain Sokhna

Laserena Group Real Estate Company provided many spaces that give the project a competitive advantage, which include chalets for sale in Ain Sokhna and also villas for sale in Ain Sokhna in Cap Bay: -

U1 & U2 stage
Areas starting from 60 meters
Stage U3 & U4 & U5
Areas starting from 65 square meters
Stage A,C
Areas starting from 75 square meters

Cape Bay Ain Sokhna prices

U1 & U2 stage
Prices start from 4,265,000
Stage U3 & U4 & U5
Prices start from 3,550,000
Stage A,C
Prices start from 3,855,000
Cape Bay Resort, Ain Sokhna payment plan

There are many payment systems offered within Cap Bay Sokhna, which were presented by the Sirena Group, as follows: -

  • Down payment starting from 15% and installments up to 9 years

Cape Bay services in Ain Sokhna

Cape Bay Sokhna contains many services and advantages that make it an attractive place for tourists. These amenities and features include:

Luxury Hotel: Cape Bay Sokhna includes a luxury hotel with various luxurious rooms that suit the different needs of visitors in terms of space and design.
A huge shopping center: The resort contains a huge mall that includes commercial stores that offer the most luxurious international brands and meet the needs of customers.
Quiet Mosque: Cape Bay Sokhna features a serene design that creates a spiritual atmosphere during prayers and religious rituals.
Excellent dining experiences: It includes a group of international restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and drinks with high quality and excellent service.
Integrated sports facilities: It contains a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment and equipment, in addition to spa areas for relaxation and relaxation.
Kids Area: The “Kids Area” has fun games to keep children entertained.
Ample Parking: The Bay Cab garage offers enough space for all types of cars.
Tight security: Providing strict security measures through guarding and monitoring using modern cameras to ensure the safety of visitors.
Multiple swimming pools: Swimming pools vary in shape and depth to suit all ages.
Supermarket: There is a supermarket within the resort to meet your daily merchandise and service needs.

The real estate developer of Cape Bay Resort, Ain Sokhna
Cape Bay Ain Sokhna is a resort from the real estate developer LaSirena Group for Real Estate Development. LaSirena Real Estate Group presents one of its most important tourism projects in Ain Sokhna, which is Cape Bay Resort.
The group was founded in 2007 AD, and over those years it carried out about 8 tourism projects in the most important tourist areas in Egypt.
The most prominent of which are the North Coast, Ain Sokhna, Sharm El Sheikh, and the Oyoun Moussa area. These projects achieved many successes that contributed to the spread of the name of Lasirena Company.
It developed about 2.5 million square meters of land and delivered about 4,000 units.

Previous work of Laserena Group Real Estate
Cap Bay Village, Ain Sokhna.
L'avvento Oyoun Moussi Resort.
Majesty by Majesty.
La Sirena Palm Beach.
La Sirena Resort.

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