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Ever West 6 October Compound

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Ever West 6 October Compound
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10% Down payment and up to 8 years installments
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Are you looking for luxury and sophistication on the university campus, and in the best places that feature all the services and features that you need, then welcome to the Ever West 6 October Compound, which is considered a residential unit that is a guarantee of a better future for you and your family.
Ever West Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the wonderful residential compounds, so the compound is on a large, wonderful and picturesque green area overlooked by all the residential units in the compound with a wonderful and beautiful view, and the residents of the compound feel unnecessary and calm in the midst of this diverse natural gathering.
Book your residential unit now in Ever 6th of October and enjoy its ideal and distinctive location in the 26th of July Mehwar, close to distinguished services in 6th of October City.

location of ever October Compound:

Ever West 6th of October Compound is located on the 26th of July axis, and this location is considered one of the most distinguished locations that can be easily reached, as the compound site overlooks many important main roads and axes.

Places near and adjacent to Ever West 6 October:

Ever West 6th of October Compound is close to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, just a few minutes apart.
You can easily reach Ever 6th of October via the Dahshur link.
Ever West Sheikh Zayed Compound is only about 10 minutes away from Nile University, Misr University for Science and Technology, and Zewail University.
The distance between Ever West 6 October Compound and Mall of Arabia is only about 5 minutes, and it is the same distance from Sphinx International Airport.
Ever West Sheikh Zayed Compound is located just 5 minutes from IKEA Home Furniture.
Ever 6th October is close to Parkyard Mall and The Axis Compound, in addition to being very close to Dreamland.

Design of Ever West 6 October Compound:

The Ever West 6th of October Compound was implemented and developed by Cred Real Estate Company, and the company hired Moharram Bakhoum Company and MG Company, one of the most important and largest contracting companies, to participate in the implementation and planning of the compound.
Despite the huge area of the compound, the largest part of the area, 80%, was allocated to green spaces, picturesque landscapes, and many recreational parks, and the remaining percentage, 20%, was allocated to residential facilities and buildings.
Ever 6th of October was designed in a way that combines luxury and environmental sustainability. The majority of the vast area was allocated to green spaces and picturesque landscapes, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for residents. These green spaces are also distinguished by their diversity and attractive design.
Residents can also enjoy lush gardens, recreational parks, and walking and cycling paths. As for the remaining 20% of the area; It was allocated to residential facilities and buildings.
In addition, these buildings are being implemented with the latest construction technologies and modern designs that meet the needs of customers. Ever West also includes luxurious and diverse residential units, characterized by large spaces and modern designs, while providing all the amenities and services that residents need. Ever West Compound is considered a wonderful example of balance between green spaces. And residential facilities, which were designed with great care to provide an integrated and comfortable residential environment.

Ever October Compound Area:

The project area is 40 acres, divided into 20 acres residential and 20 acres commercial units.

 Unit areas in ever 6 October:

Cred Company is distinguished by the designs of the residential units within the Ever West 6 October Compound and by the diversity of their areas as well, because it believes that the diversity in the areas of the apartments and the areas of the units has a significant impact on the psychological factor, so it offered diversity in the areas of the residential apartment units as well as the commercial, administrative and medical units. The company also offers The owner of the project, the area of apartments in Ever West Compound is as follows:

Residential apartments: The area of ​​the apartments in Compound Ever West starts from 146 square meters.
Medical units: The area of medical units starts from 45 square meters in Ever West October Compound.
Administrative units: Administrative units also start from 65 meters in Ever October Compound.

Ever 6 october Compound prices:

The company that owns the Ever West project has provided many advantages, so the Ever West 6th of October Compound project has a diversity of units of space, with a distinctive location in which all basic and entertainment services are available. It has also offered unparalleled competitive prices, so the prices of the units in the Ever West Compound are as follows: As follows:

Residential apartments: unit price starts from 12,200,000.
Medical units: The unit price also starts from 6,100,000.
Administrative units: The unit price starts from 7,400,000.

Payment plan in ever October Compound:

You can book and contract now with a 10% down payment and installments up to 8 years without interest.

It should be noted that prices may have changed, to get price updates and to ask about the project contact us

The company developing the ever october project:

The real estate developer of Ever West Sheikh Zayed Compound is Cred Real Estate Development Company, one of the best real estate developers in Egypt and the world. Cred Real Estate Company was established in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1982 AD, and Cred Real Estate Development Company bore the name Castle Real Estate Company because the company is a product between Castle Company and Misr Clearing Company then changed its name to Cred Company.
Cred is also one of the leading companies in the field of real estate that has succeeded in implementing the largest mega projects in Egypt. The company has also established commercial, residential and administrative projects with investments worth approximately 8 billion pounds, through which it has achieved an unprecedented rate of sales and successes.
Cred is distinguished by its full commitment to all stages of launch and providing customers with the best services and quality, so the company has cooperated with the largest experts in the field of contracting and engineering, such as
Ashi & Bushsnag Company ABC
MIG – Masrya International Group MIG
MIRG Real Estate Consultancy
Progate Developments
EBC Company is one of the largest consulting companies in Egypt.
These partnerships included distinguished designs and various modern technologies, to achieve the best results and appear in the best possible image for their projects.

Cred Real Estate Development Company’s most prominent projects:

Castle Landmark Compound, New Administrative Capital.
Ever Compound new cairo.




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