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Badya Palm Hills
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340 villas and 1040 units
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Permanent pleasure and tranquility are closer to you with modern modern designs. The compound was implemented in a way that maintains privacy and your personal space at all times so that you can enjoy life. The goal of the project is to live quiet moments inside your private unit while enjoying the garden of your unit. The entire project was designed with a smart home system so that you Experience living in a smart city.

It is known as the Sustainable City because it preserves the environment, making it one of the best compounds in the world. Badya is located in the center of 6th of October. Badya was established on a large area, with a land area of 3,000 acres, with a total investment of 320 billion Egyptian pounds. The project will be built until Construction of the project in 6 stages.

The company developing the project is Palm Hills Real Estate Company, which is considered one of the first category companies in the real estate market in Egypt, and its profits in the first quarter of 2023 amounted to more than 300 million Egyptian pounds, making it the largest real estate investor in Egypt, and the company seeks to do more projects.

The idea of Badya Palm Hills Compound:

When businessman Yassin Mansour, the owner of the Badya Palm Hills project, wanted to think about creating a compound, he thought that there would be a different and distinctive city in Egypt and not just ordinary residential units, and from here came the idea of a sustainable city that basically preserves the environment, with a contemporary and modern design. The idea was created specifically when it was found that Dubai and the city of Vancouver in Canada are among the most famous sustainable cities and they have a very successful experience.

The goal of establishing Badya 6th of October Compound as a sustainable city was to preserve the family and children and that the family that will live in the compound will spend the rest of their lives inside it. Therefore, it must be a clean and smart city and at the same time characterized by calm and preservation of privacy and security, and from here came the idea of Badia. Palm Hills October, the project has achieved strong success and many units have been delivered to customers.

The name Badia came to be the name of the project because the word Badia means a wide desert land with dwellings, pastures and water, and it is the inhabitant of the desert. Indeed, in Badia you will find a vast land, but it has a lot of green spaces and recreational and basic services, in addition to the presence of places designated for agriculture for city residents only, along with a fish farm. Great for the population growth of this huge project.

Badya Palm Hills location:

In the west of Greater Cairo, near Sheikh Zayed City on 6th of October, the site of the Badya Palm Hills project is located. The location was chosen very carefully because comfort is one of the most important ideas of the Badya project, as it was chosen to be in the center of October City for easy access to the compound in addition to being close. From all important services and places.

New October Badia design:

  • Within 6th of October City, you will find many compounds, but in the middle of them you will find a very beautiful architectural city that competes with the best European cities, where the best design and decoration offices were used to put their charming touch on the design to produce for us an integrated city and not just a compound.
  • Badya Palm Hills is the largest compound in Egypt on an area of 3,000 acres. During the design, it was taken into account that Badya Compound would be a smart and sustainable city, so the design took a long time to come to us and be implemented, and Palm Hills Company achieved great success in this project.
  • The architectural drawings received the Best Sustainable City award, as the architects’ goal was to plan well the city and for the roads to be on the outskirts of the compound and not in the middle so that there is no noise, and for safety to be provided for children and women while walking around Badia. It was taken into account that all units overlook On natural landscapes, artificial water bodies, trees and flowers, from which beautiful scents emerge.

Badya Palm Hills October Compound Badia Creative City is one of the few cities in which there is self-sufficiency in all services, and the residents of the units will not have to go outside the compound to obtain their basic needs, because there is a large service center separate from the residents’ places so as not to cause inconvenience, and basic services are available. For living and entertainment.

Design of green spaces in Badya Palm Hills Compound:-

Green spaces appear everywhere in the desert, whether from your apartment or your villa. You will see the most beautiful green spaces with the best designs in which the psychological aspect has been taken into account, so that whoever sees them feels comfortable and calm, which relieves his psychological tension and helps him to be creative.
At the entrances to the city, you will find many distinctively shaped trees. The first reason is to give a beautiful view and the second is to reduce the dust and dirt that reaches the residents of the city of Badia. Green spaces help reduce the heat inside Badia Palm Hills October.

Design of units within the project:

The design of the residential units, whether they are an apartment, a villa, or a penthouse, is not just a traditional design consisting of only rooms, but was designed by the best interior designers, taking into account that the rooms have privacy separate from the rest of the unit.
The kitchen area should be separate in an engineering manner, thus not allowing the smells of food to be present in your unit. As for the design of the living room, they took care to make it spacious and preserve the privacy of the rest of the rooms. As for the design of the external units, they were in the shape of the best European cities and even surpassed them in design.

Badya Palm Hills October:

Badia Palm Hills is one of the most important and best real estate projects implemented by Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company in the most prestigious areas of 6th of October City, which is famous for being among the most prestigious residential cities in Egypt. It is also considered a unique urban experience for those looking for tranquility and sophistication in an integrated residential project in which there are many services and units. With its different designs and spaces.
The location of Badya Palm Hills Compound is a wonderful and very special place if you want to live in an upscale place, because it enjoys the availability of all basic and recreational needs, which made all those searching for these services to find them by heading to the city, especially to the Badya October project, which is a unique residential edifice. .

Badya Palm Hills Compound project area:

The huge Badya October project was built on an area of 3,000 acres. It contains 6 residential neighborhoods, and each neighborhood has its own service area on an area of 360 acres. 30% of the project’s electricity will be generated by the solar energy system, and consumption will also be reduced. Water is about 20% less than other cities, thanks to the smart system that characterizes Badya Compound.

Areas of units in Badya Palm Hills Compound, 6 October:

Palm Hills Company announced that the first phase of the project will include 340 villas and 1,040 units with investments of 2.7 billion Egyptian pounds, and the residential units in the Badya 6 October project will have different areas and types between: (grand villa - villa - townhouse - twin house - Apartments).

Areas start from 90 square meters and reach 600 square meters for large villas, including 371 square meters for buildings. The project also includes many integrated recreational activities and services that serve all family members. Also, the spaces are divided as follows:

  • Standard apartments: starting from 90 square meters up to 217 square meters.
  • Apartments with garden: starting from 144 square meters up to 172 square meters.
  • Penthouses: starting from 217 square meters up to 247 square meters.
  • Townhouses: starting from 189 square meters up to 230 square meters
  • Twin House: starting from 281 square meters, more than 300 square meters.
  • Villas start from: from 264 square meters to more than 300 square meters.
  • Independent villas: starting from 197 square meters up to 371 square meters.

Note that all the spaces in Badya Compound have been divided in a way that takes into account public and private services and facilities, which provide all means of luxury and enjoyment to its buyers, and the project will be constructed in 6 phases.

Badya Palm Hills features and services:

When you purchase a residential unit from Badya Palm Hills October, you will be at the beginning of the right path to obtain the best place you can live in with your families and protect your children, or obtain a unit in one of the best properties for investment.

The developing company was keen to ensure that the compound contains many features that made the project units an investment target in the eyes of all real estate experts. The most important features of Badya Compound are the following:

1- Smart city

Badia Palm Hills is not just buildings with green spaces next to it. Rather, it is a smart city that uses information and communications technology to help provide comfort to its residents, in addition to the use of artificial intelligence in everything related to the city, starting with the electronic gate that is not opened to anyone except through the iris fingerprint. This maintains security. The city, in badya palm hills you will get a high quality life with a smart environment.

2- Green spaces

There are three large green spaces. The first is a sports garden in which children can play in complete safety and is equipped with the best types of surveillance and guarding to protect children from any danger. There is another garden equipped for families and has bodies of water that give a beautiful and picturesque view. The third garden is a place designated for barbecue parties and parties. Friends can gather there to have the best dining parties.

3- Library of culture

Unlike other compounds, Palm Hills Company is keen to have a library within the desert area that contains most of the cultural books, especially books that help promote morals and culture, to ensure that you live with people with a high level of thinking and knowledge, and you will not need to go outside the borders of the October Desert to obtain a book that will... Find all your favorite titles inside the great library.

4- Social club

On a very large and huge area of 85 acres, a large sports club is being held that includes all services within Palm Hills Badya. Whether you love sports as a professional or as an amateur, this is your favorite place, to practice all sports, from tennis, football, and some martial arts, and to sit with... Family and friends in a beautiful and quiet place.

5- Safety

The latest international technologies are used in security and guards with a team of security personnel trained to deal with all potential problems, in addition to covering the entire city with 360-degree surveillance cameras. It also has a night surveillance system and movement monitoring to warn of anything that might happen.

Prices in Badya Palm Hills:

  • The price of the apartment starts from 14.2 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house prices start from 13.4 million Egyptian pounds
  • Prices of standalone villas start from 20.5 million Egyptian pounds
  • Payment systems in Badya Palm Hills October Compound:

Badya 6th of October Compound by Palm Hills features very flexible payment systems that make it easier for you to own a distinctive residential unit in an upscale place with full services, as you can now own your unit with no down payment and payment facilities for up to 10 years.

The company that owns the Badya project:

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Badya 6th of October Compound. It should be noted that the company is considered one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, and primarily develops integrated real estate projects and real estate and commercial resorts. It was founded in 2005 by Mansour and the Moroccan Company for Investment and Development.

Palm Hills Development Company currently owns one of the largest land banks in Egypt, and is growing rapidly to become a regional member. It has also supervised the implementation and design of more than 26 projects, and the company has many distinguished residential projects.

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Sheikh Zayed City.


Giza Pyramids.


Ring road.


Dream Park


Cairo International Airport


the New Administrative Capital. ​

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Kids Aria

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